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About - Ben Rowe
Ben Rowe is an illustrator/ scribbler based in London, UK.

His work covers a myriad of themes and ideas, but it can never really be pinpointed or pigeon-holed.

Ben has been drawing ever since he can remember, with his work often featuring everyday items we take for granted – washing machines, plug sockets and light switches – but with a disruptive twist: watches become parachutes, a cup of tea as a tightrope acrobat and an audience of thousands gathered inside a stadium to watch a coffee table. On occasions, he has turned his pen to advertising, with campaigns extolling the virtues of hair brushing (“Look Great”) and eating toast (“Great Toast, Great Times!”).

His work has explored fashion culture, the politics of brown sauce manufacturing, and his never ending fascination with the secret lives of washing machines and Ombudsmen.

His influences include Reeves & Mortimer, Viz, Magritte, Glen Baxter and the Ombudsman he sees on the bus every morning on his way to work.

About - shop products
The items for sale are offshoots from exhibitions and/ or projects that I have been involved with. Please feel free to contact me if there's anything from my main website you would like to see on sale, or want to discuss about a product already on sale.

I aim to contact everyone who buys a item by email to let them know delivery times, etc. As the email is sent by me, and not a robot, there might be some delay between purchase and email. All products are sent out as soon as possible.

Mailing List

Your email address will be added to the email list if you buy a product from me. I send out an email once, maybe twice a year! Your details will not be passed on to anyone else. However, if you do buy something but don't want to be placed on the list, then please feel free to contact me to let me know. I can handle that sort of rejection...

Eco credentials

The carbon footprint created by the products for sale in this shop cannot be measured with any great accuracy. It's probably similar to a bag of sugar in weight, tastes a bit like chicken, and wasn't like it was when you were a child.

I've never been asked anything, frequently or otherwise.

I can be found on other places powered by the INTERNET:
twitter - @benrowe